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Welcome to the FMD Reference Laboratories Information System - ReLaIS

A network of laboratories and collaborating centres working together on foot-and-mouth disease.


"The conjectured status of FMD in 2009 showing approximate distribution of regional virus pools."




Pool positions and borders are approximate. Colours indicate that there are three principal pools, two of which can be subdivided into overlapping areas.

Who are we?

The Network is a formal collaboration of designated OIE and FAO reference laboratories and collaborating centres that work on foot-and-mouth disease (FMD).

Our overarching aims are:

  •  to improve surveillance of the global distribution and emergence of FMD virus strains and on the appropriateness of different vaccine strains for use or for retention in banks in different regions; and,
  • to provide expertise and advice to OIE, FAO and other international disease control agencies as well as assistance to national FMD Reference Laboratories.

More about us ...


What can you find here?

This is a free site that provides current information on FMD to the public and is the centre for information exchange for the network. You can search the database for outbreaks or sequences and map the results. You can also get current information on the world status of FMD by visiting the websites of reference laboratories, get news via the FMD News website, and an appreciation of ongoing research.




If you encounter any issues using the site or have any questions, contact the site administrator. Note that data and visualisations presented on this site are generated by automated analysis from laboratory data and field reports. Errors may have occurred in transcription or processing. 

The FMD Network Team

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