Algeria: (Setif) cattle, serotype pending, WOAH

[The location of the outbreaks can be seen on the interactive map included in the WOAH report at the source URL above.]

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[In 2022, 23 FMD virus outbreaks due to the topotype O/EA-3 were officially reported to WOAH. Outbreaks were located in the following governorates: El Tarf, Skikda, Guelma, Béjaïa, Tipaza, Oum El Bouaghi, Medea, Tizi Ouzou, Tebessa, El Bayadh and Souk Ahras. Clinical signs were observed in cattle and sheep (

On 4 Dec 2023, 2 FMDV outbreaks were reported by Tunisia ( - Mod.SF

ProMED map:

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